Paul George Suffers Terrible Leg Injury (Warning, Graphic Footage)

Indiana Pacers all-star, and possible future superstar, Paul George, has suffered a gruesome leg injury.

George suffered the injury in the Team USA Blue-White Scrimmage in Las Vegas. While George was one of the better players and more than likely going to have a huge role on the team, Team USA has clearly decided that the roster and whatnot is the least of their worries, as it should be.

George's injury was a lot like ex-Louisville guard, Kevin Ware's leg injury that sat him out of basketball for almost a whole year. Nowadays, the guard is set to play at Georgia State and has two years of eligibility left on a really, really good team. However, Shaun Livingston, Kevin Ware and maybe even a few others could really understand George's suffering right now. It is hard to really say how bad the injury is. People were saying Ware would never even walk again; pretty sure I just said he is playing at Georgia State? In reality, the only important thing here is that we wish Paul George a speedy recover and hope that he can return to basketball better than ever before!

Moving forward, he is a quick video of George's injury. As I mentioned in the title, the video is very disturbing. Watch at your own risk.


Byron Scott Agrees to Four-Year Contract

After a few months of teeter-totter, it is final: Byron Scott will be the next head coach for the Los
Angeles Lakers. This deal makes a ton of sense for the Lakers and will be a solid move for them into the future as they start to buckle-down for PKE, or Post Kobe Era. Scott, of course, was apart of the Showtime Lakers, back when LA was really good, and even better than the Clippers at that, and will be an awesome fit back in LA at the helm. Unfortunately for Coach Scott, his team is not very good. Kobe Bryant and newcomer Julius Randle seem to be the rightful cornerstones, as seen from a distance. Now, there is a strong possibility that with the additions of guard Jeremy Lin and forwards Ed Davis and Carlos Boozer, the Lakers look like they have a legitimate starting-five and very talented on-the-bench team. Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves now, there is still a lot of work to be done in the LAL offices.

LeBron Wearing Number 23 Again

News from several sources has indicated that LeBron James, the comeback hero, is returning to his old jersey number, which is 23. The general basketball population had figured LeBron was either wearing #6, his number for international play and Miami Heat, as well as his #23, which he abruptly took off before entering the locker room with his left game as a Cavalier back in 2010. A dark horse candidate, however, arose in #32 as LeBron wore it as a freshman in high school when he won a state championship. Number 32 also made sense because of LeBron's mission to preserve #23--because of Michael Jordan and his exit back in 2010--led several to believe #23 probably was not a legitimate option. All things aside, LeBron is making the right call going with #23. The team is home. The number is home. The king is home.


Kings Win NBA Summer League

The Sacramento Kings are your 2014 NBA Las Vegas Summer League Champion. The Kings played achieved 6-1 record for the week and highlighted several of their players. Forward Quincy Acy, guards Ray McCallum and Ben McLemore and rookie Nik Stauskas led the team to their first Summer League title. According to many sources, McCallum front-lined the best of the best in Vegas and is potentially proving to be a solid player.

Video: Frank Caliendo Reads LeBron's Coming Home Letter As Morgan Freeman

Okay, I have never been a huge LeBron fan. I tend to favor the proverbial underdog, which he is, but after "The Decision" you cannot really blame me. Moving forward, LeBron's letter published on Sports Illustrated saying he is coming home and signing with Cleveland has brought me to the LeBron side. Yes, I am becoming a fan. So, in the spirit of LeBron's Homecoming, lets take a peak at some funny-doing by Frank Caliendo reading LeBron's letter with a Morgan Freeman voice.